The Truth About the Sudan

Saturday, March 18, 2006

These are the so called Arabs in the Sudan

These are the "Arabs" the U.S. and other "western" countries keep trying to convince us are so hatefull towards the black population in the Sudan. Notice how they rarely show you pictures of the "Arab" Sudanese? They show you pictures of black people starving and supposedly having genocide commited against them, but they rarely show you the "Arabs". They are black people and admit to being black people. I heard on NBC news the Arab Janjaweed militia showed up to one village yelling "Black men, come out! We want to kill you!" When you look at these "Arabs" which they do claim to be, I find it hard to believe that they would run around calling some one else black.

I believe that there is a civil war going on of course, but not genocide. It is broken down into ethnic group, tribe, and religion. But not black against white or blacks against Arabs. Just blacks fighting blacks. Different ethnic groups, yes. Different so called races, no.


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